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There is no limitation for creativity. The secret is to listen to it and let it express itself.

Self Portrait Nicola Noventa

Words spoken by aspiring photographer Nicola Noventa. Born August 2nd, 1991. A youngster, a millennial, a dream-chaser. Discovering at a young age how creativity could build his world of dreams, Nicola grew up building visions with Lego, visualizing landscapes on his drawing board and embracing his passion for motorcycles. However, nature and the world around it proved to be his addiction. 

Making a change in my life

I’ve always been a nature-addict. In drawings, during school trips or witnessing the various weather phenomena, it always gave me an urge to create. When I got my first smartphone, things truly started to change for me. I created my Instagram account and and discovered a greS. Pelagio Castle - Due Carrare (PD), Italyat new world!

About one year ago, I bought my first pro compact camera. I became addicted, I couldn’t let a day go by without taking photos wherever I went. I decided to take a course in photography and the natural consequence of it was that I had to buy a professional digital reflex camera, forcing me to sell my beloved motorcycle to follow my dream. I was making a change in my life. My journey to become a photographer had started.

Realizing you want to change your life is a big moment. What does the world of Nicola Noventa look like now?

Today, my world is very uncertain. I’m quitting my current job, the job that has allowed me to buy all the great equipment I need for my photography. I am quitting because my girlfriend and I are changing our lives, abroad. We feel that for the young people in Italy, at least for the moment, there isn’t any space. It’s a jungle and we feel it is getting worse and worse.

Norway, Oslo to be more exact, is where we will start our changed lives. It seems things are going very well there. A meritocracy, an efficient state, good people, good citizens. And of course, the most important aspect, nature unparalleled in its beauty!

With nature as your foremost passion, is there any style of photography in which you find the most inspiration?

While we were on holiday in Iceland, which truly is a paradise of Hringvegur - Vìk i Myrdal, Icelanduncontaminated nature, I realized that my preference lies in landscape photography. Nature hypnotizes me! Whether it’s new to me or if I’ve seen it a dozen times, every time I’d photograph it from different perspectives and thus it’s never the same as before.

I don’t know if and when I’ll do it, but I’ll try in every way.

Where the future will take me? I have a clear focus on what I want for my own future, which is becoming a professional photographer. Some people would say it is madness to move to Norway, but for me the concept of nature and photography are a perfect match. It is so exciting to capture those moments of the Northern Light, the Fjords, the mountains, it truly is my favorite habitat.

I feel the concept of freelance photographer fits me best, as I think it is incorrect to restrict oneself to just one style of photography. The most important thing is to do what we love, everyday. Surrounded by people, environments and situations that make us feel good.

We can look back in history, however we can’t predict what the future has in store for us. But if you could choose one moment, in history or the future, what would it be?

Without a doubt, the 70s! Carefree, more freedom, the economic boom. A world more spartan and adventurous to discover, without all the knowledge of present day.Milky way at Pordoi Pass, over the Marmolada - Dolomites, Italy

The year is 2050… Nicola is 59 years of age now and still buzzing with energy. His photography has grown to great heights, and complimented by many. As he stares off into the horizon, he starts reflecting on years gone by…

“I remember when my father passed away in 2007. It was extremely hard for me, having to mature so quickly and become a stronger man. But it taught me to never be satisfied in life, because what has been done can always be improved and exceeded. If you want.

Making the critical decision to leave my work and become a photographer, moving abroad and leaving my friends and family behind. I’m proud of myself for having tried it, as that’s better than living with guilt for not having done anything at all.

I guess I’m a normal guy at the end of the day, and the unique limit we all have is the same limit we allow ourselves to have. There is no limitation for creativity, the secret is to listen to it and let it express itself.

My greatest piece of work? Wait and see. I haven’t reached my limit yet.”

Sunset at Giau Pass - Dolomites, Italy


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  1. I’m totally in love with that last photo… It gives the impression of being a river reflecting the colors of the sky, but I think it’s traffic? Anyway It’s an image I keep coming back to. Gorgeous!
    You have taken some very courageous ’cause uncertain steps. I admire that. All the luck to you and your loved ones!

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  2. Enjoyed reading your blog, it is very well written and fascinating. The whole thing is about “following your dream,” and not listening to the nay-sayers who always have reasons why someone else’s dreams and plans are weird, un-doable, or impractical. Your photos are SO good…. I LOVE that sunset with the reflection in the stream…or IS it traffic as suggested by Elvira? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Reblogged this on SOMETIMES and commented:
    The work of Writer and Photographer Nicola Noventa is fascinating. The sunset photo is SO spectacular and the bio so interesting….I was thrilled to see the re-blog button. Thanks for allowing the re-blog. 🙂


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